EP coming soon!


APR 05th Kurzbar I Mannheim (ger)
APR 08th Homebase I Ludwigshafen (ger)
APR 28th Symposium JMF 17 Panel  (Speaking) I  Mannheim (ger)
APR 29th Hafen 49 I Mannheim (ger)
MAY 20th Liveact Angie Taylor Blacklght Show I  Lichtensteig (ch)
MAY 24th Livestream from Panicroom (www.panicroom.live)
JUL  05th Evosonic Radio Show Horchposten I Cologne (ger)
JUL 15th Tanz der Bässe I Lampertheim (ger)
JUL 27th Livestream from Panicroom (www.panicroom.live)
SEPT 21st Livestream from Panicroom (www.panicroom.live)
SEPT 24th Pollerwiesen Boot I Cologne (ger)


Hi lovers of electronic music!

This is the story behind Panicroom – a secret place which I created last year. I just wanted to play my music loud and anytime I want to. So I found an ugly room deep down in the earth and startet with a little sound system and my DJ and Live equipment. After a while I painted it black, built a simple DJ Booth, installed some spotlight in it to have the same feeling like being in a club just to play and to be happy. Anytime I`m there I got the wonderful feeling to be save and relaxed in my mind, and this absence of pressure is the fountain to be creative. Now I can play what I want, anytime, in any loudness. My own panic room was born.
This was the kick-off for me to write new music in and for this room and now my album „panicroom“ is nearly finished. Now im ready to show you my secret place where I`m playing my liveshows and DJ Sets.
I love techno music and also love to go to clubs and dance, always searching nice places where techno music can be played or locations with good vibes and nice technomusic. In my panicroom i feel this and music and ideas just come out of me fluently. Panicroom feels like my baby and I really love it and i`m happy to explore this on the internet for you and people who want to listen and who are searching for unique places like I do. Just enjoy, switch in, switch out, have a dance, have a laugh, love it or hate it or just plunge into it.. Be a part of it, sometime, somehow, somewhere at panicroom.
I’d like to thank my team, Johannes Kraemer, Sevan Goekoglu, Holger Blaess, Katharina Bansah, Simon Blaess and Martin Greule who helped me to realize my visions and optimize the sound, technics and optic of this project.
I’d also like to thank my great parents, family, friends and my crazy fans who are believing in me.
Yours – Angie –


Jeff Mills, Fusion Festival (ger), Cosmopop, Hafen49 (ger), Pollerwiesen (ger), Tanz der Bässe (ger), Underworld London, Arte TV France, Louvre Museum Paris, Art Museum Mannheim (ger), CSD (ger), World Aids Day (ger), Nachtwandel Mannheim (ger), Bassmag USA (top 10 -best female bassplayers),  Bass Pofessor (ger), Faze Magazin (ger)