Upcoming Shows

APR 14th 2018 I Musikmesse/Trade Fair I DJ Hall I Frankfurt (ger)

APR 19th 2018 I Panicroom ON AIR LIVE  3pm – 5pm (evosonic.de)

APR 21st 2018 I Ohral I The Suite I Neustadt a.d.W. (ger)

MAY 17th 2018 I Panicroom ON AIR LIVE – with DMAN 3pm – 5pm (evosonic.de)

MAY 19th 2018 I Pfingstgewerkel I Bad Dürkheim (ger)

JUN 21st 2018 I Panicroom ON AIR LIVE 3pm – 5pm (evosonic.de)

JUL 13th 2018 I About Blank I Berlin (ger)

SEPT 07th 2018 I Ohral pres. Ponderosa I Plage de Mouettes, Lauterbourg (fr)

SEPT 28th 2018 I Angie Taylor & Band I Music- Art-Recovery- @Planetarium Mannheim (ger)


In September 2017 Angie Taylor founded her own label PANICROOM where she released her first tracks mixed by no one none less than Johannes Kraemer. Her idea is to bring people into “another room”. The focus of this project “Panicroom” is producing and perfoming music even more intensively. Close your eyes and enjoy you own Panicroom…

The story behind the secret place called Panicroom is that Angie just wanted to play her music loud and at anytime she wanted to. An ugly room deep down in the underground looked just perfect for Angie. She painted it black, built a simple DJ booth, installed some spotlights to get the same feeling like being in a club, just to play and experiment with new ideas. Anytime she’s there she gets the feeling to be safe and relaxed in her mind, and this absence of pressure is a wonderful atmosphere to be creative. Her own panic room was born. This was the kick-off to write new music in and for this room and in 2017 Angie released her first tracks called DAWN and FLOATING. 2018 she continued with her FIRE EP. In february 2018 Christian Hornbostel is the first artist who enters the Label Panicroom! With an energetic three-track EP named OHMIC Panicroom is honoured to have such an incredible and successful artist in the Label.

In 2018 Angie startet her own radioshow Panicroom ON AIR on Evosonic Radio where she is playing new music from underground artists, playing livesets and invites interesting people for a talk and a DJ/Live Set. 

Have fun with the sounds of PANICROOM and prepare yourself, because with this Label you´ll never know what comes next. Angie Taylor constantly reinvents herself to reach other stages in music. Deep and bright in her spectrum she is full of energy with what she’s doing. She always tries out how far she can go with the music, to explore and discover new dimensions. Be a part of it, sometime, somehow, somewhere at panicroom…